Touching People. Changing the World.


Preach the gospel of the Kingdom to everyone. The Vine Birmingham believes that advancing God’s Kingdom doesn’t come through new ways of doing church, but through the ancient way — faithful preaching and contextualizing the unchanging gospel within a changing culture. The Vine preaches faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, as the only way to eternal life.


Affirmation means to cement, secure, strengthen, and confirm the decision new believers make to follow Jesus and to give them the appropriate follow-up until they can grow and sustain themselves. People who are won for the Lord and are affirmed, built up, and edified represent future disciples for the Kingdom of God.


Discipleship was the method used by Jesus to transform and change the history of humanity. Discipleship was the highest principle in His ministry and life. People are transformed through discipleship, not only in their personal life but also they stop being simple believers and turn Into true Kingdom leaders.